Pittsburgh Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey

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Leading and Learning

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Since 2010, the honest input you have provided on the annual Teaching and Learning Conditions (TLC) Survey has led to positive growth and change at both the school and District-level. Not only are many school teams utilizing last year’s survey results to create and implement action plans at a school-level, the District, in partnership with the PFT, is taking the following steps at the District level:

• Re-thinking Teacher Induction using survey information to improve how we support new teachers.

• Improving Access to Referral Data with tools to better track referral data and help schools understand and respond to trends in referrals to offer better support to students.

• Incorporating Strategies in School Improvement Plans based upon school-level survey results. This strengthens the use of survey results by giving schools the ability to utilize one comprehensive plan as they work towards reaching their goals.


 Your views have been vital to ensuring all of our schools have environments that support teaching and learning for both staff and students.  Thank to the more than 2,100 certified-classroom based educators who took the survey!